Referral Program

Refer Ucam & Earn Cash with the Ucam Referrals Program!

Refer your friends and earn up to $10 per referral! Accumulate referral points (1 referral = 25 points) and cash them in for cash prizes -- the more you refer, the higher commission rate you receive.

Check referral details and instructions now. 

Register and generate your unique referral link via the "🎁 Rewards" icon. After creating an account, you can track your referrals and redeem your referral points for cash prizes.

Send your referral link directly to friends or share it on Twitter and other social media. Anyone who purchases from your link will receive $5 off, free storage, and a limited edition Ucam NFT. Check out our Ucam Media Pack for helpful resources.

Once your referral is processed and shipped (within 5 business days), your referral will be credited to your account.

Any returned items will not be counted as a successful referral. Referral points cannot be transferred to other accounts. Any fraudulent behavior will result in permanent disqualification from the Ucam Referrals Program. For questions, please contact us via the IoTeX Telegram Group.